What is Alpaka?

Alpaka is a web application which has employee scheduling, absence management, timesheets, expenses and mileage submission, time tracking, text message appointment reminders, file storage and sharing and much more. It can (and should) be used in most workplaces.

How do I sign up for a free 14 day trial?

There is a sign up button in the navigation at the top of every page in this website. There is often a sign up button at the bottom of the page too. Oh, hang on...


No credit card details are needed for the trial and you can get started as soon as you complete your sign in details.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

Towards the end of your trial you will get an e-mail asking you if you wish to continue. If the answer is YES (which we think it will be) you can continue to use Alpaka. If you decide Alpaka is not for you, when your trial concludes all personal data stored on our servers will be removed and you will not be billed.

Why do I need this? We use Google calendar.

Alpaka is a work calendar that makes your calendar work harder. Alpaka can integrate with Google and Outlook calendars, but by using your Alpaka calendar your timesheets can be automatically completed. You can create holiday and absence requests, you can book meeting rooms and vehicles, and you can use Alpaka punch; a time tracking app that enables you to record client tasks and projects effortlessly.

Do I have to pay for support?

No, Alpaka is so simple to set up and use that don't think you will need much help. However, we have a dedicated human support team on-hand if you have any questions or problems. Unlike other software services- we think a phone call is better than a support ticket. Weird eh? 0203 286 6109

How do I contact support?

The support portal is built-in to Alpaka. There is no need to email support, just click on the ‘Support’ icon which is found in the ‘More’ section. You can also call on 0203 905 1300

Do I need an app on my phone?

Nope, Alpaka is a web application which has responsive design so is mobile and tablet friendly.

Can my staff do their own timesheets or do I do them?

The Alpaka timesheet feature has a number of ways to save you time. Users can create and complete their own timesheets with preset default working hours and/or additional detail from their calendar. It is possible for anyone with the correct permissions to submit timesheets on behalf of another user, which is handy if an employee is not able to access a computer.

If an employee leaves will I be billed for them?

If a user is made ‘inactive’, you will not be billed for them in the following month.

Can you use permissions to hide private data?

Yes. Alpaka has sophisticated but simple to set permissions. You can create user roles from basic permissions where users can only access and update their own information, to full administrative access. You specify a users' access level within Alpaka.

Some of my employees do not claim expenses, can I hide that feature?

Yes, you can hide or switch off unnecessary features, everyone can customise their own Alpaka experience. This does not change the price per user since we have a simple single price which is good value for any one of the many Alpaka features.

The price is £3 per user, but are there any hidden costs?

Nope. At Alpaka we like to keep things simple and that includes the price. You pay for the users per month and nothing else. No set-up fee, no hosting and no support charges. Take the free trial and see for yourself how much time you can save.