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Beautiful Absence Management. Approve requests with a single click.


Track Sickness and Manage Absence

Alpaka's unique method of creating event categories lets you configure the complexity you need without the complication. You can workflow events to get approval or make managing absence and holiday easy, do it your way.

Reporting employee absence and sick leave

Schedule Analysis and Reporting

In Alpaka, your calendar is for more than just your appointments. You can request time off, create team meetings, export events to a timesheet, track billable time and integrate with Google and Outlook calendars.

Reporting schedule and staff rota time

Experience Alpaka

The free trial is long enough for you to try nearly everything. During the trial, we hope you will have a chance to contact the Alpaka support superheroes and speak to them about your expectations and how we can best meet them.

We know your time is precious, so free trails aren't exactly free. Why not investigate the Alpaka support website or get in touch to find out if Alpaka is right for your business, Alpaka is supposed to be time-saving business software after all.


Or, just get less busy with it.